Change— Ronovan’s Haiku Prompt #64: Tide & Flesh


Tadoussac, Quebec, Canada on St. Lawrence River, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean
Tadoussac, Quebec, Canada on the mighty St. Lawrence River,which flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

Feeling eternal

Corporal aches and longings

Ebb as ocean tides.

Feeling eternal corporal aches and longings,

Corporal aches and longings ebb as ocean tides.


Thank you to the Daily Post for posting the following quote for this week’s Photo Challenge, “Change”.:

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.
― Lao Tzu


imageThis post was written in response to Ronovan Writes Monday Haiku Challenge #64.  To read more haiku using the prompt words “Tide” and “Flesh”, please  visit Ronovan’s  Prompt Post.  There he explains how to participate; participants post links to their haiku contributions in the Comments section.   On Sunday, October 4, visit RonovanWrites for a Roundup with links to all of this week’s entries, plus an informative and entertaining review. 

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13 thoughts on “Change— Ronovan’s Haiku Prompt #64: Tide & Flesh

  1. You know, you actually took part in the Writer’s Quote Wednesday that Colleen does without even knowing it. You should link this to her post. That quote is great. 😀


    1. First, I do appreciate your engaging with me about this. I had to look corporeal up to ponder the difference. I am happy with corporal as it means bodily, ie of the flesh which is my meaning and closest to the prompt. Corporeal according to Collins means material rather than spiritual which sounds a bit more conceptual than I intended–but meaning differences can be subtle and even personal…


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