Sunset, Moon Rise & Eclipse—Weekly Photo Challenge

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”: “This week, show us a change in progress.”

On Sunday night there was a Total Lunar Eclipse.  I would have liked to have captured the eclipse on camera, but having only a phone camera and a humble automatic, that was not possible.  Also, it was quite cloudy–so I was not destined to see or photograph the eclipse in its full glory.  Nevertheless, I had a great evening staring at the sky and taking pictures of the changing heavens.

Sunset in Western Sky, 6:44 PM


Full Moon Rising in East, 7 PM


Moon Rising Higher, 7:13 PM


Moon Rising in Night Sky, 7:21 PM


Clouds Conceal Moon, 7:36 PM


9:31 PM–Moon in Clouds, When Partial Eclipse is in Progress (not visible)


10:43 PM–An Orange Orb in the Clouds, a Hint of the Total Eclipse in Progress


12:29 AM–Moon Has Emerged from Earth’s Shadow, Surrounded by Thick White Clouds (house roof in lower right corner)


If you are interested in seeing some clear moon eclipse pictures, I recommend Solaner’s “Blood Moon” post  and for a whole website about eclipses of the sun and moon, visit hosted by retired NASA Astrophysicist, Fred Espenak. If you took some moon photos at the time of the eclipse, please share your link here so we can go take a look.

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