“Run Deer Run”— Ronovan’s Haiku Prompt #63: Stag & Noise


An interesting combination of prompt words this week from Ronovan of Ronovan Writes: ‘stag’ and ‘noise’. When  ‘stag’ refers to a deer, one thinks of a peaceful, graceful creature, such as the one who passed behind my house in July. The above picture, taken through a glass door from afar, isn’t great, but for me special, nonetheless.  The deer was on the move, undoubtedly not feeling welcomed by our barking dogs.  And there it is, when these peaceful creatures pass by, noise often occurs as noted in Ronovan’s opening Haiku:




Around where I live, hunters and poachers are out on the prowl for wild turkey, rabbits, and deer.  Sometimes at night, especially later on in the year, we hear gunshots. We keep our back light on to remind them that there is a house in range.  Here is my haiku:

Hunters are roaming,

Gunshot din punctures silence,

Run doe, Run stag, Run!


imageThis post was written in response to Ronovan Writes Monday Haiku Challenge #63.  To read more haiku using the prompt words “Stag” and “Noise”, please  visit Ronovan’s  Prompt Post.  There he offers his opening haiku and explains how to participate;  participants post links to their haiku contributions in the Comments section.   On Sunday, September 27, visit RonovanWrites for a Roundup with links to all of this week’s entries, plus an informative and entertaining commentary. 

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8 thoughts on ““Run Deer Run”— Ronovan’s Haiku Prompt #63: Stag & Noise

  1. Great Haiku and stories with the image Janice. Many years ago a black comedy film called Crocodile Dundee was made in Australia. The hero shot out the searchlights of Kangaroo Hunters using a stuffed kangaroo with a rifle, very funny. Maybe the best antidote for your local deer and other hunters (psychopaths?) who want to kill things is to fire a couple of shots over their heads!!!!

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