“Hot September”

This year, as children returned to school and summer vacations ended, September brought almost tropical weather to Eastern Ontario–it persisted during the evening with balmy nights and then, with little warning, switched to cold, sweater evenings.  Apparently we will be having more temperature fluctuations this Fall, with a dip in temperatures by the end of the month, followed by a warmer period before winter.

This haiku is a reflection on recent weather events:


Chilly nights follow humid hot September days,

Humid hot September days, Autumn’s beginning?


imageThis poem was written in response to Ronovan Writes Monday Haiku Challenge #62. To read more haiku using the prompt words “Start” and “Hot” please  visit the Prompt Post.  There Ronovan offers opening haiku and explains how to participate; links to haiku contributions are posted in the Comments section.   On Sunday, September 20, visit RonovanWrites for a Roundup with links to all of this week’s entries plus an informative and entertaining commentary. 

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17 thoughts on ““Hot September”

      1. I’m not very good at the tranfer ratio. Here is it cool and windy F 64 degrees. Checked it out. We have the same temperature. I am bundled up with a ski hat, sweat shirt, long pants, socks and vest. This is inside at my laptop attire. Hope you are warmer than I feel. Oh, I forgot to mention the heating pad set at high 6. Have a great day. At least the sun is out here in New England. 😀

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      2. Sounds like you’re shifting into cold weather mode–can feel it happening to me too. Time for soups. Despite that I think we’re going to have another flip into warmer weather before winter–makes you versatile, keeps you guessing.

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      3. Yes, Wednesday during the day 75 F. At night going down to 49 F. Do hope for a warm Autumn for us all. A touch of rain would be nice, especially at night while getting ready for sleep. I just love the sound of rain while drifting off. So soothing. I love to look at snow falling but you can’t hear it.

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      4. I was starting to feel bad for complaining about the weather ..but it seems like your designing it–too much Prada?😊😉 but I do agree rain at night is soothing–snow is as well–I don’t know why but the atmosphere becomes almost fluffy–not kidding, but maybe I should stop here😊

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      1. I’m a bit “allergic” to heat and humidity –the type you sweat in without even moving– besides that I love summer especially in the shade (I burn easily)–winter–well there can be some nice moments in winter–then the sun is quite nice and powdery snow I like..that’s my weather rundown for now 😊😊

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