Ronovan’s Prompt #59: Bird & Red: #1


I will be posting a few poems for  Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge, each using the prompt words: ‘bird’ and ‘red’. I’ve dedicated this post to two American  jazz musicians, Charlie Parker  (1920-1955) and Art Farmer (1928-1999). Charlie  Parker, also known as ‘Yardbird’ or ‘Bird’, was a brilliant saxophonist associated with the emergence of bebop. In the early 1940’s he recorded and improvised  an original tune which became known as ‘Red Cross’.  There is a YouTube  recording of his performance of Red Cross, but I prefer Art Farmer’s rendition–if you don’t have time to listen, please check out my closing haiku following the video.

Red Cross

Art Farmer’s muted

trumpet smoothly interprets

Bird’s ‘Red Cross’ bop tune.

To participate in the Haiku challenge or to read more haiku submissions, please visit RonovanWrites.

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