Mr(s) Grasshopper Visits My Pepper Plants Again

Yesterday and the day before I took new pictures of a grasshopper on my green pepper plants. At first glance I thought (or wanted to believe) that it was the same fellow (or gal?) that I had featured in my post called “Getting Closer with Mesh” . Today I have put together a new  photo collection featuring first, the new pictures and then, the older ones for you to compare. Click on the arrow on the right to move to the next image.

I need your help. The recent pics show a creature who ‘feels’ like the first one, but who is actually richer in colour and maybe smaller, but that is hard to tell.  Is it the same visitor? I peer over my plants regularly and have never seen more than one grasshopper at a time.  Apparently their colour can deepen with age so is it the same one?

Should I be worried? My reading (quick skimming) about grasshoppers refers to grasshopper destruction of greenery, yet grasshoppers are not listed as common pepper adversaries. In fact, they may eat ‘dangerous’ bugs.

Yet the pictures show eaten leaves…I feel reluctant to knock it off the plants as there is no evidence of voracious destruction, and it has been such an accommodating photo subject.  That green moth caterpillar I featured the other day ate much more  overnight. Nevertheless, if you think I’m crazy for letting it hang out, please let me know!

5 thoughts on “Mr(s) Grasshopper Visits My Pepper Plants Again

    1. Sorry about your willow — I guess that might have been a swarm of grasshoppers? Funny I always thought of grasshoppers hopping in the grass but I’m learning they hop everywhere…


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