Ronovan Writes Challenge #58:  Rise and Save


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Here is my contribution to this Haiku Challenge: two poems with identical opening lines, but different messages, inspired by prompts: ‘Rise and Save’. For those who wish to join in or read other entries, I have provided a link at the end of this post.

Wisdom’s Gems

Sages rise with sun

Upon sleeping through moon time

They save wisdom’s gems.

Sages rise with sun, upon sleeping through moon time.  Upon sleeping through moon time, they save wisdom’s gems.

Conserving Daylight

Sages rise with sun

After sleeping in darkness

They save light for day.

Sages rise with sun after sleeping in darkness.  After sleeping in darkness, they save light for day.

Many writers submit poems to RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge— a wide variety of thoughts and emotions are expressed. To give it a try or to have a good read, visit the prompt post.  Links to other haikus using the prompts are in the comments.

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