Ronovan’s Haiku Prompt Challenge #57-Bust&Must


In response to Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Challenge, I have written two haikus using the prompt words : ‘Bust and Must’. The challenge goes from Monday to Sunday so there is a  week to give it a try before the next prompt words are announced. The link to RonovanWrites, above, will lead you to simple instructions and, in the Comments, links to the haikus of other participants.

Two Canadian political topics came to mind with this week’s prompts.

To Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

Support Our Youth


If re-elected in October, “Stephen Harper vows to outlaw travel to ‘places that are ground zero for terrorist activity”…”he would make it a criminal offence for Canadians to travel to parts of the world under the control of extremist groups.” August 9, 2015, CBC News,

We Need Clean Tech Subsidies



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