Free Market: Take #2


For a  previous post, I composed two “Free Market” haiku poems in response to Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge #53.  The two prompt words were “guide” and “mad” — the challenge was to compose a haiku using the prompt words, or synonyms.  Here is “Take #2”, a new collection of three haiku using the prompts:

Driven by profit,
Rushing ahead with no guide,
We cause wild weather.


Free market leaders,
Burning more fossil fuels,
Ignoring wildness.


Opening our eyes
To climate madness at last,
Courage is our guide.



If the ideas in these haiku are of interest, you might want to read about my source of inspiration, This Changes Everything, by Naomi Klein in my previous post, Free Market for Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #53. To see how other bloggers responded to this Haiku challenge, follow the links listed in Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge Roundup #53.

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