Free Market for Ronovan’s Challenge #53


#1            Wise free market guide?

Still burning fossil fuels,

Causing wild weather.

#2          Mad free market guide,

Spewing carbon unfettered,

Imprisoning Earth.

As  I mulled over today’s haiku prompt offered by Ronavan, I joined the two words (guide and mad) into the idea: ‘Mad Guide’. “What is a mad guide?” I asked myself. Not long after, I thought of Naomi Klein’s theory about how free market economic policies have interfered with governments acting to avert climate change–I  read about it in her 2014 book, This Changes Everything.

A free market philosophy holds that an economy unfettered by regulations and taxation leads us to prosperity. The free market is a ‘wise’ guide.  However, arguably, an unregulated market is a ‘mad guide’, when social and environmental issues are neglected in favor of profit.  Sometimes we need governments to regulate–for example, with labour laws and food quality standards.

To avert climate change, we need governments to step in to limit carbon emissions (with measures such as cap & trade, carbon taxes and emissions standards) and to offer incentives for clean technologies. Some governments, adhering to free market ideology, deny or minimize the reality of global warming.

Here is a short excerpt from This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein:

“.. the three policy pillars of the neoliberal age–privatization of the public sphere, deregulation of the corporate sector, and the lowering of income and corporate taxes, paid for with cuts to public spending– are each incompatible with many of the actions we must take to bring our emissions to safe levels. And together these pillars form an ideological wall that has blocked a serious response to climate change for decades.”

These poems were written for Ronavan’s Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #53. The prompt was ‘guide & mad’.  For full details, and  maybe to give it a try, Click here.



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