Flower of the Day–Milkweed Flowers

In response to Cee’s June 29, 2015 Flower of the Day I am posting a picture of a milkweed flower that opened the day after I posted pictures for a June 27 weekly photo challenge (that post shows full milkweed plants with unopened buds).

The fragrance of the flowers is sweet and fills the whole area.  I looked up the plant in a Peterson Wildflower Field Guide for Northeastern/Northcentral North America and discovered seven types of milkweeds!  Funny how I had always assumed that a milkweed is a milkweed.  The one shown in my pictures (the one above and in the previous post) appears to be a “Common Milkweed”. I guess “common” refers to the frequency of its occurrence rather than its lack of interest…as I find its clusters of tiny flowers to be quite exquisite.

3 thoughts on “Flower of the Day–Milkweed Flowers

    1. Thanks Judy. I find it amazing how fragrant they are. I encountered them at the end of our street, as a child, but then the fascination was with the milky substance inside the leaves and the fluff that came out of the seed pods in the fall. 😊 Janice

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