Why do I blog and tweet as Ontheland?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All About Me.”

The most literal meaning of ‘Ontheland’ is where I am–out in the country–but taking it a bit further, it’s about enjoying and preserving our home, the natural world.

I named this blog in the Fall of 2010, after I had moved to a house in the country, off a dirt road, “in the middle of nowhere”.  Actually, we are only 20 minutes away from a small city, but having grown up in Canada’s capital, and  having lived for decades in Toronto, Canada’s largest city, this was a major change.  

Think about it, for me, a dirt or gravel road was a summer experience… the final stretch on a trip to a cottage or campground.  Now I was going to be living all year round on an acre of land with a well in front,  cows grazing in a pasture across the road, frogs chirping in a nearby marsh, and rabbits galore nibbling in an abundance of wild greenery.  I had arrived…I was finally living on the land.

Looking a little deeper, Ontheland tied into my interests and personality back then, and probably even more so, now, five years later.  As a Virgo, I consider myself to be an earthy, homebody type.  I like eating and cooking and have been a vegetarian since I was twenty.  Having a patch of land for growing my own vegetables and herbs, free of pesticides, is a thrilling opportunity.  Over the years I never was much of a gardener, not even in pots, but a major source of inspiration came up roughly 10 years ago when a friend moved into a city house and turned her back yard into a vegetable and herb garden.  It was from her efforts that I first tasted fresh arugula and basil..those experiences planted a yearning at the back of my mind.

Ultimately, blogging and tweeting as Ontheland  expresses my awareness of where we all stand, even if we have layers of concrete under our feet–we are all living on the land, on the earth, and need to be aware of that connection.   So I write about protecting the environment, being aware of our impact on nature, and finding ways of living that reflect our caring for each other and all living things.  

For more info about Ontheland, please take a look at the sidebar blurb under my picture and at the Page called “About” .

4 thoughts on “Why do I blog and tweet as Ontheland?

  1. Hi Ontheland,
    You just left a “like” in my blog, so I checked you out too. I was happy to read a few posts of yours pertaining to your garden. I also started a vegetable patch this spring and have a lot to learn. Yours seems to be flourishing. I envy your acre of land!
    Nice to meet you!

    Liked by 1 person

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