How Does My Garden Grow?

Watching growth from seed, problem solving, working in the fresh air, harvesting and eating makes gardening so worthwhile.  It isn’t all romantic, with heat, sweat, wind, mosquitoes, ticks, and repetitive tasks driving me crazy at times.  It’s been  five years since I broke  clay sod to start a vegetable and herb garden:

garden under construction

Each year has been a collection of experiments and learning, keeping me so busy that the stories weren’t recorded.  So let’s catch up a bit. Here are pictures from 2013. The adventure that year was putting up bamboo pole tepees. They worked well for the pole beans (makes sense) but not as amazing for the zucchini (summer squash). I also dressed up a scarecrow which was not terrifying for some birds, who built a nest in the hat.


In 2014 I started to work the soil in a new section behind the main garden and planted winter squash and sweet pepper transplants (started indoors). The squash were not abundant–one factor may have been the warmth of the soil so I warmed the soil with plastic this year and won’t remove it until the seedlings are well under way. By August the garden was lush and my favourite new crops were the red onions which lasted most of the winter.


This year we have had a weird spring (or so it seems in my brief farming experience). A sudden overnight frost could have damaged baby pea and onion plants but fortunately I had thrown on frost covers the previous evening.  I have had to delay putting in cherry tomato and pepper transplants due to cold nights and recently, due to thunderstorms and high winds. I can’t wait to get them out into the garden!


9 thoughts on “How Does My Garden Grow?

  1. Love your blog and your aim! I am a balcony gardener , and have grown tomatoes , green chillies potatoes, plenty of flowers and herbs too! If all of us planted a little green wherever we are the earth would be greener , weather peter and the future more helpful.


    1. Hi! Sounds like you have a wonderful balcony garden. I have heard about growing potatoes in containers. What type of container do you use? Since the natural soil here is clay I’ve thought that a container would be the best method if I were to grow potatoes.


      1. I actually used a re purposed plastic bucket, but this this year I plan to use red brick planters available locally. Plastic shouldn’t be used to grow edibles as they leach harmful chemicals in the long run.The first time was an experiment and it was fun.Potatoes grow without any trouble at all.You just need to cut them into pieces with the eyes in each piece.About the soil I just used what I had locally available with plenty of potting mix and and bone meal:)

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