Divine Kuapa Kokoo Chocolate–Fairtrade Cocoa Videos

There are so many stories behind the brightly wrapped chocolate packages we buy in the store.  Yesterday I wrote about Divine fair trade chocolate Easter eggs.   Today I’ve selected a few videos from YouTube that give a small idea of the lives and stories behind the cocoa used to make Divine and other fair trade chocolate products.

Divine Chocolate Ltd. is very connected to the Kuapa Kokoo cocoa farmer cooperative, because Kuapa Kokoo owns 45% of its shares and supplies the cocoa for Divine chocolate bars, Easter eggs and other products.

Kuapa Kokoo was formed in 1993 and became a fair trade producer organization in 1995.  It became the only farmer-owned organization with a licence to purchase cocoa from farmers on behalf of the Ghanaian government-owned Cocoa Board.  These videos shows some of the ways Kuapa has changed peoples’ lives.

A strength of Kuapa and other fair trade cooperatives is that they are democratic.  Women are strongly represented as elected leaders of Kuapa.

Kuapa Kokoo means “good cocoa farmers’ company” in Twi, the local language.  Their motto is “Pa Pa Paa” which means “the best of the best of the best”.  This video shows the richness of this expression and the amount of labour involved in harvesting cocoa.

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