Vegetarian Pate and Deep Dish Vegetable Pie 03.26.11

As I plan for Monday vegetarian meals, it occurs to me that  Earth Hour, tonight, is an opportunity for people to pledge to reduce meat consumption—it’s one of many ways we can reduce our carbon footprint.  Just a thought.

Vegetarian lunch can be challenging for people who are used to sandwich meats and cheese.  One vegetarian option is Veggie PateThis is one item that I purchase premade now and again. The kind I buy is firm and can be sliced like cheese–great for sandwiches.  It’s delicious with mustard and lettuce–look for it in a large grocery store near items such as hummus and other dips–or just ask.  Veggie pate is also sold at natural food stores–great if you have a reliable one nearby. 

If you’d like to try making a veggie pate, take a look at the veggie pate recipe on  I don’t have time to make it this weekend, but I’m printing it into my OneNote recipe notebook for future use.

For dinner, I’ve decided to make a muffin-topped deep dish vegetable pie, based on a recipe in one of my home cookbooks: “Nikki & David Goldbeck’s American Wholefoods Cuisine“.  This will be perfect for me this weekend as I have alot of  frozen veggies I need to use up—since my fridge broke down! 

If you are a confident cook, you may be able to create the dish yourself without the security of a recipe.  The filling is 8 cups of any bean and vegetable mixture  with a white, cheesey, or veg gravy sauce.  Spoon into a large 2 quart baking dish or into individual serving size dishes.   Make one half of a standard savoury muffin batter and spread spoonfuls on top for the crust.  This will serve 4 people. (Bake at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes).

Perfect Veggie Pot Pie  posted on is another example of a vegetable pie recipe–make it as presented or use it for inspiration for a vegetable  pie filling– buy a readymade crust or try the muffin top idea. 

Bon Appetit!

2 thoughts on “Vegetarian Pate and Deep Dish Vegetable Pie 03.26.11

    1. Thanks for your comment–it came at the right time–I needed to make some sandwiches for tomorrow so I decided to make the vegetable pate instead of having my usual staple, tahini. Instead of beets and zucchini (listed in the recipe) I used vegetables that I had on hand–some mushrooms and grated bok choy stems, along with carrot, which is in the recipe. I hadn’t been able to find engevita yeast, but I had purchased debittered brewer’s yeast. The pate is baked in the oven and I must say my results are delicious–it’s great warm on crackers and I look forward to it tomorrow on my sandwich with lettuce.


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