Looking for a Clean Energy Solar Barbecue

Searching for a solar barbecue, I discovered the COOKUP200 from France–check out the videos below.

 I’ve been spending the last few days looking for a  propane gas barbecue alternative.  Having recently moved to a house, I don’t have a barbecue– so I’m open to considering alternatives that don’t burn fossil fuel.  It’s wonderful to cook and eat outdoors, but do I want to buy into a barbecue that burns a non-renewable resource and increases carbon emissions? 

Finding an option is easier said than done.   I’ve discovered  that  products are written about but hard to track down.  Many resourceful people have been making their own solar cooking gadgets—they’ve even published instructions and videos on how to make your own.  However I’m not a techy type. 

Finally I found some videos for a product that looks like it might be what I’m looking for.  I’m not sure if it’s available in North America, but hopefully it is, or something similar will be manufactured soon.  (Update: it’s distributed in Canada!–see March 28, 2011 blog at  http://wp.me/p15xmB-7Y).  

The Solar Cooker that I “discovered” (along with thousands of others browsing YouTube)

Who could not enjoy the shiny optics of this COOKUP200, made in France, and sold from http://idcook.com?  I am looking into whether it is available in North America.  In the meantime, it’s an example of what I’m looking for–a solar barbecue.  The specs state that it heats to over 2oo degrees C. (about 400 F)  and has the capacity to cook a meal for 5.  It can be used for grilling, simmering, and steaming, using a black grill, pot, or wok.  The price is 499.95 Euros, which is about $691 CDN.

 The founder of IDCook,  manufacturer of the Cookup200, was at the International Home and Housewares Show, 2011 in Chicago.  He demonstrates a solar barbecue in the following clip:

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