What are you doing for Earth Hour?—Saturday March 26 8:30 PM

Earth Hour is how many days away?  As of this morning, there are eight days to go.  

What are you doing for Earth Hour?  Are you planning activities at home with lights and TV switched off, or will you be out at a community event?  If you haven’t thought of what you’ll do to participate in this global demonstration of support for sustainable energy use, look over the ideas and information below.

Community Events

Many communities have special events–to find out what is going on, check your local Earth Hour website (in Canada, EarthHourCanad.org),  look in a community newspaper, or at an online classified ad site, such as Craigslist or Kijiji.

I hope to go to the Kingston Unplugged event at Springer Market Square in downtown Kingston, ON.  This event, in its 4th year, starts at 6:30 PM and goes to 9:30.  There will be sustainability displays and vendor booths to browse, speakers, and free entertainment.  At 8PM, the Drummer’s Guild and  Fire Circus Show open the entertainment.  At 8:30 (the official launch of Earth Hour) there will be an off-the-grid concert of THE GERTRUDES—powered by wind and solar energized batteries. (Check out a sample of their talent below.)

Another event in Eastern Ontario will be held at the Redtail Vineyard, a solar-powered organic winery in Prince Edward County. The vineyard has invited people to visit and sip wine under solar-powered lighting during Earth Hour  (reservations are required).

Businesses and Organizations

If you are involved in running a business or organization, it may not be too late to organize a show of support—by turning off non-essential lights and letting people, such as members, customers, and employees, know that your organization is behind Earth Hour 2011.  For ideas, take a look at the How to Guides provided under the Take Action tab on the Global Earth Hour website.  There are guides for businesses, schools, community groups, sports associations, religious organizations, hotels, bars, and landlords.

Celebrating at Home with Family and Friends

Here are some ideas for private celebrations:

  • Go for a walk around your neighbourhood or downtown; see how many lights are out—enjoy the spring air!
  • Plan a hot bath with candles and relax for an hour.
  • Have a candlelight dinner.
  • Have nibbles and share about how you plan to promote sustainable energy use over the next year.
  • Meditate for the welfare of the planet.
  • Play board games, card games, or party games, such as charades, by candlelight.
  • Have a party with snacks and singing, acoustic music making, and dancing.
  • Relax, chat, and walk under the stars.
  • Get children involved in an active game, such as tag with glow sticks.
  • Tell stories or read stories out loud.
  • Do some star gazing.

 Earth Hour is a global inspirational and educational event with millions of people taking part–don’t miss it!

The YouTube video below gives a sample of THE GERTRUDES, who will be performing in Kingston Market Square during Earth Hour. 

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