WHAT’S COOKING? Black Bean Stew, Scalloped Potatoes

Do you need inspiration for vegetarian cooking for Meatless Mondays?   Follow me as I share my weekend vegetarian menu planning and cooking projects.

 In Praise of Syncing into Monday Vegetarian Cooking

 I’m syncing into cooking vegetarian food for my meat-eating family on Mondays—I’m usually the only one having vegetarian meals—now the weekend has become an opportunity to plan and cook a vegetarian menu.

Energy Savings—In Ontario the weekend is the best time to do some cooking due to Time-of-Use hydro pricing.  The lowest hydro rates are during Off-Peak hours, which are basically after 9pm and on the weekend.

Cooking up pots of food with enough for leftovers is economical.  Very few of us have enough time or patience to cook from scratch every day—getting into the rhythm of having bulk cooking sessions is a great way to eat well and avoid eating prepared foods.

 My Vegetarian Menu Planning Strategy

Unless struck with a special idea of my own, for Meatless Mondays I plan to use recipes from one of my favourite vegetarian cookbooks:  Cooking Vegetarian,  by Vesanto Melinda and Joseph Forest, 1996, MacMillan Canada.

What’s Cooking this Weekend?

Today (Saturday) I chose recipes based on what I have on hand:

  • Black Bean Stew—I love black beans and they’re loaded with minerals and vitamins.  I’ll be eating them with seasoned rice, but they also go with plain rice, pitas, or tortillas.  Salsa and sour cream are possible condiments, but not necessary.
  • Mexican Rice—brown rice is the most filling choice.
  • Dijon Scalloped Potatoes—this dish will be great for lunch, possibly as a side for dinner, or for chow later in the week.  There is no dairy in this recipe—the sauce includes miso, oil, flour and mustard.  (Miso is a fermented soy bean paste.)
  • Red Cabbage with Walnuts
  • Bok Choy, Mushrooms, and Ginger—I cooked this vegetable stirfry  today.   I didn’t have bok choy, but used nappa cabbage, broccoli, and carrots instead.

Good luck with your vegetarian meal planning and if you like, let me know what you’re cooking.

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