What are Benefits of Fair Trade Coffee?

My recent purchase of fair trade coffee at a large grocery store (No Frills) has fuelled my interest in fair trade products.  In my previous blog I talked about fair trade values— social justice and caring for the environment—but today I’ll zoom in a bit closer.  Why buy fair trade coffee?

Here are my top reasons for buying fair trade certified coffee:

 1.    Reduced use of pesticides due to standards that protect the health of both consumers and workers.  There are also fair trade standards that protect the land, such as guidelines for disposal of waste;

2.   Produced by small farms, often family enterprises belonging to cooperatives. I like to support small businesses when I can.  Apparently at least 50% of world coffee producers are small farmers;

3.   Reduction of poverty and exploitation—helps farmers to finance coffee production and guarantees them minimum prices, or more when market rates are higher.  I was surprised to learn that coffee plants require dedicated long term care—they must be tended for four years before they bear fruit;

 4.  Tasty good quality coffee–my last but not least reason!  It gotta taste good!

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