Snow Scoops are Easy to Use

Snow has arrived!  Let the shovelling begin!  Tell you the truth, I shovel as little as possible, because I have a snow scoop, also called a “snow sleigh” I believe.  These are large metal or plastic scoops with a long handle.  The only actions required are pushing, sliding, and pulling back to release the snow.

I believe snow scoops are the easiest way to move snow, short of purchasing a snow blower–but I truly want to avoid the use of fuel or electricity.  I have been aware of this type of snow shovel since I helped out moving huge amounts of snow from our driveway in Ottawa, when I was a child.

Advantages of Snow Scoops

If you are thinking about the best way to clear snow from your property, consider the following advantages of snow scoops:

  • Easy on the back–no lifting required, just pushing and gentle pulling back to move the scoop away from the snow;
  • Little strength is needed (believe me I am not a muscle woman but am able to clear a very long rural driveway with a scoop).  The scoop slides on the snow like a sleigh, the only difference is that you are pushing it rather than pulling it.
  • Because the scoop is much larger than an average shovel, you can move large quantities of snow in a short period of time.
  • As the winter progresses and the snow gets deeper, shovellers have to throw the snow up higher to get it out of the way.  No problem for a snow scooper.  You create snow runways with the scoop and simply slide the snow up and out of the way.

Let me know about your experiences with snow scoops.  No, I do not have a  financial interest in these shovels.  I simply am a fan—they are very easy to use and  are an inexpensive way to clear snow, without creating fumes or using up resources such as gas or electricity.

One thought on “Snow Scoops are Easy to Use

  1. Just took delivery of a 20″ Suncast snow sleigh (made in the USA).

    But I have no snow at the moment. Will let you know more after the next snow fall.


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