Airing Curtains on an Outdoors Clothes Line

One of the pleasures of living in the country is being able to dry your clothes outside on a clothes line. The only times I’ve done that before was when I went camping. So, not long after I arrived at my new rural home, I  eagerly set up a couple of clothes lines.

Using camping ropes and bungee cords, I was able to string up two lines between a few trees in the yard. I was careful to wrap, knot, and hook in such a way that the trees aren’t likely to be damaged. Eventually I’ll invest in a “real” clothes line with pulleys, but this set up will do for now.

I’ve learned that using a clothes line requires you to watch the weather.  Unfortunately, warm, dry days are running out. Today is blustery and sunny so I decided to air out some curtains. They are the simple type with large grommets at the top. I don’t want to put them into the washing machine, in case the metal grommets scratch the interior. So I decided to just air them out on the line. The wind is amazing. Once covered with dust and cat hair, the curtains are now fresh and clean, free of hair and dust.

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